ANTIDA MUSIC PRODUCTIONS, was founded by Anom Darsana. ANTIDA MUSIC known as founder & organizer of many music & art festival in Bali such as Bali World Music Festival, Ubud Village Jazz Festival, Bali Reggae Star Festival and Festival Tepi Sawah. Antida Music Productions start his debut in 2004 as one of the leading recording studios in Bali. The founder, Anom Darsana would like to share the knowledge that he has after years of training as a Sound Engineer in Switzerland. Driving by his passion for music, he established PT. Antida Music Indonesia and worked with many artists in various music genres. One of the services that we could offer to you is very special performances of all over Indonesian musician, ranging from a various genres as well as various kinds of performance that would be a representation of their regional culture respective point of view.